Physical Activity

Physical Activity is not just sport. It also includes exercise involved when playing, traveling from place to place on foot, and doing physical jobs.

Why is physical activity important?

Being regularly active helps us to grow and develop in many ways, including:

How much should we do?

At least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise or activity each day.

What type of exercise is that?

‘Light’ exercise doesn’t feel like we’re doing very much - for example, walking downhill.

‘Moderate’ exercise makes our heart rate and breathing become noticeably faster - for example, climbing flights of stairs.

‘Vigorous’ exercise makes our heart rate and breathing faster still, so that we cannot have a conversation while doing it - for example, playing a basketball game.

What else should we know?

Too much time spent on computers, gaming, or watching TV can mean less time available to be active. It’s best to spend less than 2 hours (out of school) on screen time.

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